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Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know a little bit about our company Fgraphx.

Who We Are

Formally known as Facile Graphx, Fgraphx is your one-stop creative shop for audible and visual design. We are an all-in-one brand development company. From logos to websites, to jingles or film scores we’ve got you covered. Our company is dedicated to delivering the best design solutions for your visual or audio needs.


Facile Graphx was established as a result of the marketing needs of an entertainment company, E-legul Recordz Entertainment. Though our newly found design branch had no official name until mid-summer 2007, it has been active since 2006. As of February 2008, our company officially became non-exclusive and commenced creating design solutions for other businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Over a decade later, our design company is well equipped with the necessary skills needed to provide each client with the customer service quality he/she deserves, along with the satisfactory product he/she desires.

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